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Program Details

Coinzilla’s “Write for us!” program allows you to spread your crypto and entrepreneurship knowledge and develop your skills as an author.

All the content will be used and displayed in the Coinzilla Academy section, with the sole purpose of helping the finance & crypto community better understand the industry, its history, and its possible future developments.

Writing Guidelines

Do your research

Before creating an article, make sure that the topic hasn’t already been covered. Also, make sure your article is well-documented and that the information is accurate and up to date. You can also include links for further research where is the case.

Keep SEO in mind

Don’t try to stuff your content with the same keyword just to help your content rank better. Instead, use synonyms and closely related words.

Including keywords similar to or related to your main topic will help Google find and rank your content easier. This will also help Google’s crawlers to better understand what your topic is about.

Tip: to easily do a keyword research, run your main keyword into Google and check out the “People also search” box.

Create unique content

Make sure that your content is unique and has not been posted on other websites or blogs. Content that is considered duplicate will be automatically rejected and is not eligible for a reward.

Make it personal

Including your personal experiences about the topic can help your readers better understand your content, and it will add a great personal touch to your article.

However, always think of the needs of your audience, and ensure that you provide information that is relevant to the community.

Text structure and readability

Try not to beat around the bush. Keeping your writing simple and on point will help readers easily find the information they need.

Also, make sure that you space out your paragraphs. Our golden rule is to keep the paragraphs between 2 and 4 rows long, and the article length at around 1600 words.

Last but not least, try to use relevant images and illustrations wherever you can, as these can help deliver the information in a more efficient manner.

Writing Topics

Since our main goal is to educate the crypto community, we prefer publishing tutorials and beginner guides. Here are some topics that you could write about:

  • How to get starting in crypto trading;
  • Everything you need to know about Ethereum/Bitcoin/Litecoin/etc.;
  • How to mine bitcoin: The Complete Guide;
  • How to develop your own blog;
  • How to promote your website;
  • The beginner’s guide to crypto slang;
  • How to find ICOs that are worth investing in.

Program Payment

The typical reward for publishing an article is €50, which will be transferred to your Coinzilla account. You can also submit updates and reviews for existing articles, which will be paid with up to €10.

You are not allowed to include any type of sponsored promotion, such as backlinks. However, you can include links for further reading, which will be tagged as no-follow.

Publication process

1. Submit your pitch

Send us an email with details about your content idea, and include a paragraph which can showcase your writing skills.

2. Work with our editors

After our editors review your application, if it’s accepted, they will get back to you in order to settle on the technical aspects of your article, such as its structure and contents.

3. Publication & payment

Once you submitted your article in its final version, your article will review various aspects such as accuracy and grammar to ensure that it is qualitative. Please be aware that if your article is considered of low quality, our editors can ask you to change some information, or they can simply refuse to publish it.

If your article is approved, it will be published on the Coinzilla Academy platform and distributed across our Social Media channels. You will then receive your money, which you can withdraw and use to advertise through your Coinzilla account.

Disclaimer: Once published, your article will mention you as the author, but the rights to the content will belong to Coinzilla, and you are forbidden to republish it on other websites or blogs.

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