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Case Study – How Weentar ICO achieved 500% ROI through Coinzilla

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Last updated May 20, 2021

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2021 has been good to cryptocurrencies up until now. And despite periodic market corrections, cryptocurrency projects are still flourishing even now.

Not only that Bitcoin skyrocketed towards a new all-time high of $65.53k, but Ethereum and the other altcoins have seen extraordinary growth as well. New projects are coming out everywhere. 

The DeFis are making the market more interactive, offering various services that are way above what we had last time in 2017. And retail investors and institutional investors are turning to cryptocurrencies more and more. 

In fewer words, cryptos are coming close to mainstream.

Speaking of 2017, do you remember ICOs?

Believe it or not, Initial Coin Offerings are back as well. They are stronger, making a killing for the projects that decide to use them. 

We are not talking about the 2017 garage-run ICOs for run-of-the-mill tokens. In 2021, crypto projects are thriving through real innovation and gaining spectacular returns through ICOs that make use of the right marketing methods to gain market attention.

And that’s the case with Weentar.

What is Weentar?

What is Weentar?

Weentar is a social media project that wants to offer decentralization and empower content creators through the use of Blockchain, social tokens, and NFTs.

It aims to become a new kind of social media platform where the users are not the product but the beneficiaries, and content creators are the owners of their work.

Weentar Blockchain, social tokens, and NFTs

Weentar will develop a blockchain infrastructure on top of which they will build a social media platform where creators and consumers get closer than ever before.

The $WNTR native coin will act as fuel for the blockchain. The creators will use it to mint their NFTs and post content, while the audience will use it to purchase the content and other NFTs.

Creators will receive an ERC1155 collection contract when accessing the network and will be able to create ERC20 social tokens. Afterward, they can distribute the tokens however they like to their audience without a platform fee.

As for the content they provide, the creators will issue it as ERC721 NFTs and set up the access rule. 

The audience gets social tokens which they can use to gain access to exclusive content, voting rights, and other things set by the creator.

Members of the audience can also choose to buy the NFTs published by their idols and keep the tokens inside their wallets.

Furthermore, the celebrities can see who holds the most of their social tokens and NFTs and really determine who their top fans are.

The Roadmap

Weentar Roadmap=

The Weentar project is set to be mostly finished by the end of 2021. Right now, they are rigorously working towards launching the blockchain and social media platform.

Besides that, the team is taking big steps in promotion, partnerships, and exchange listings.

Up until now, the ICO has reached impressive results after a successful marketing campaign, and they are also soon to be listed on PancakeSwap.

Weentar’s ICO marketing

Weentar’s ICO marketing

Weentar’s ICO clearly showed that well promoted Initial Coin Offerings are able to make a killing and boost the development of a cryptocurrency project even in 2021.

In April, Weentar contacted Coinzilla and presented their projects to one of our account managers. In order to give them all the help they needed, we’ve established a dedicated team to plan the appropriate marketing activities, research the best communication channels, and create the required materials.

1. Display advertising, native web ads, and native in-app ads

With display advertising, native web ads, and native in-app ads, we managed to trigger brand awareness and interest for the project to the crypto audience. The three types of ad campaigns managed to reach a relevant audience on top cryptocurrency websites by showing banners on the sides or on the top of the webpage, integrated within the content of the page, and even inside popular cryptocurrency apps.

With this, the audience was ready to look for more information about the project.

Once crypto enthusiasts are looking for more information, you need to make sure they find it. 

Some go directly to the website and read about the project. 

But many want to see a third party talking about the project.

For those who took the information directly from the source, the clear and explanatory landing page meant a lot to invest in the project. 

And for the others, we had prepared several press releases, sponsored articles, and organic articles.

2. Press Releases through the Coinzilla Marketplace

We’ve prepared and published several pieces of content through the Coinzilla Marketplace for Weentar.

The goal was to offer detailed information about the project and its ICO in a digestible way.

There already were people that had found out about the project through ads. However, there, of course, were the regular readers of those publications as well.

Deploying a detailed message as press releases to several popular crypto publications managed to explain the Weentar initiative even to those that haven’t seen the ads before. 

To make sure Weentar gets exposure to the entire crypto market, we’ve employed some dissemination channels that are quite offbeat to the cryptocurrency advertising industry but bring quite the results.

Besides regular display ads, the campaigns employing direct deals with popular apps for personalized buttons, push notifications, and custom ads have brought extraordinary reactions as well.

The results

The results

After the marketing campaign, Weentar’s ICO confirmed that Initial Coin Offerings work really well in 2021 when done right.

With good marketing and a compelling website, the project managed to get the following results from their ICO:

  • 500% ROI
  • $1 spent = $5 return
  • 10 investors/h 


“Working with Coinzilla was a breeze. As far as I am concerned, this is the only company to work with if you want the news of your project out there. They are professionals and they get the job done all the time.”

Salim Makonji, Head of Partnership at Weentar

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