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Vlad Mosinegutu

Marketing Specialist

Coffee-powered Marketing Specialist at Coinzilla Advertising Network.

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How to Create a Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Crypto Advertising | Guides for Crypto Advertisers
For everyone worldwide, smartphones have become a significant part of their lives. And as technology has spread wider and quickly, [...]
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Partnership Announcement – CHAINSIGHTS Fintech and Blockchain Summit

News & Announcements
New York, 16 December 2019: ChainDD, a leading media company headquartered in Beijing, China with more than 3 million readers globally, [...]
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The Future of Cryptocurrency and the Future of Bitcoin in 2021

Cryptocurrency Basics | How Cryptocurrency Works
2021 looks really bullish for the cryptocurrency market. And even when the rallies stop, the current developments are promising that [...]
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