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Bogdan Cretu

Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist at Coinzilla. Marvel Comics fanboy. Astronomy enthusiast.

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Discover your New Dashboard

News & Announcements | Tutorials
With the development of our new platform, we're glad to introduce a new interface for the dashboard used by our publishers and advertisers.
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Ad Network vs. Ad Exchange vs. DSP – What’s the difference?

Advertising | Basics of Cryptocurrency | Publishing
If you’re new in the world of crypto advertising, things like ad networks, DSPs, or programmatic advertising might sound confusing. [...]
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Telegram – How a chatting app shaped the Crypto Industry

Basics of Cryptocurrency
If you’re at least somewhat familiar with cryptocurrency, you’ve probably heard of Telegram before. But what is it? And why [...]
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A Brief History of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Basics of Cryptocurrency
The crypto industry took the world by storm. But understanding how cryptocurrency works could pose an important advantage in the [...]
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