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Case Study – How TheCryptoApp Increased Their Revenue 4x With Coinzilla

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Head of Marketing

Last updated July 13, 2020

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About TheCryptoApp

TheCryptoApp is a leading mobile provider of financial data. Designed for both Android and iOS, the app helps users with live prices, simple and advanced charts with technical indicators, price alerts, home screen widgets and breaking industry news. 

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Their analytics engine runs 24/7 observing the markets from various viewpoints and provides their users with the information they need to be up-to-date with every market they care about.

With over 500,000 active users, TheCryptoApp’s potential for monetization was self-evident. However, because they lacked a dedicated team that could perform negotiations with advertisers and manage the ad delivery, their campaigns weren’t constantly watched and their earnings were low.

Finding a solution

After discussing with their team about their needs and objectives, we decided that the best course of action would be to create a native ad delivery system customized for their app.

Our system allowed them to continue their collaboration with their current advertisers, as well as open up bidding spaces for new advertisers that came directly through the Coinzilla Network. Besides our custom system, we also integrated AdMob into their app, helping increase the fill rate for banners, and further boosting their earnings.

Our sales team also took over their advertiser account management, helping them negotiate better rates and creating long-term partnerships between TheCryptoApp and its advertisers.


As a direct result of our collaboration, TheCryptoApp’s revenue from monetization increased 4 times, all while preserving a steady growth in active users and app use time. 

thecryptoapp monetization through coinzilla results

An analysis on user engagement showed that user experience remained positive after the implementation of our native ads, the same being indicated by the high CTR of the ads delivered through their app.

“Working with Coinzilla helps us to focus on what we do best – developing and improving our app to bring that added value to our users. Before we relied exclusively on AdMob for advertisements but we always felt we could do better considering the size of our user base. The Coinzilla team delivered more than we could ask for. Not just higher revenue, but the ads are now actually interesting to our users.”

– Primoz, Founder