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Online Technological Trends in The Casino Industry

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Last updated June 24, 2020

The online casino industry is looking for ways to promote its current expansion, and one of the ways the whole industry is preparing for the future is by adopting technologies that are seen as revolutionary, and as promoting safety and security.

This article takes a look at a number of technology trends that have taken center stage in the rise of the online casino.

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1. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and augmented reality are most commonly associated with video games, but these technologies have become increasingly useful in online gambling as well.

Although much of the technology is experimental, there is significant evidence that it can be used to create realistic casino experiences for players involved in particular games. Virtual reality casinos won’t be any different from a land-based casino, in the sense that you will see and feel everything as it should be, but without leaving your house.

Augmented reality means that players will get a 360-degree view of the virtual casino and will be able to play slots and other games just as they would in a real casino. The ability to interact with people in virtual reality will also enhance the overall experience for players.

2. Easy Integration and Improved Graphics

Casino websites are popping up everywhere, and the reason for this is that creating such a platform has become easier because of a rise in designers from all over the world.

Basically, you only need to contact a few highly rated designers and install a few dozen popular casino games to get started. Compared to the work and money involved in creating a physical casino, online casinos are far easier to set up, and interestingly, the current interest in online gambling means that online casinos will give you more money in the long run.

Slot machines and card game tables cost thousands of dollars to build or purchase, but everything in a web-based platform can be recreated within hours by experienced web designers. You can literally install a thousand games to your website over a couple of weeks, and perhaps introduce brand new innovations to go with your gaming platform.

Software developers have been paying a lot of attention to the casino business, so there’s plenty of innovation to go around. This easy integration makes online gambling a far more exciting business than visiting traditional land-based casinos.

In the case of graphics, gambling websites never used to have advanced graphics, because for most of the people involved, the goal was always to try and win some money. But that was a long time ago and slot games don’t have the same plain design of golden symbols and rows of fruits. Players today expect to see a range of eye-catching designs and realistic casino features that attract the younger players.

Modern online casinos look a lot like video games, and it is expected that designs will improve to include even more realistic experiences for players.

3. Improved Mobile Technologies

An increasing number of players are using mobile devices to access online gambling platforms, including casinos.

As a result, this has led developers to focus much of their efforts on enhancing mobile technology in a way that encourages players to download gaming apps for their phones – as opposed to using web browsers to access the same services.

Gaming platforms that fail to create sophisticated designs and features for their apps may not do well in the current scramble for market domination.

But it’s not only in terms of enhanced visuals that game developers are attracting new players.

These gaming apps are also being advertised in other ways, such as the presence of live dealers for games like roulette and blackjack. The payback is also more competitive today than a few years ago, and all this is used to make the games more appealing to wider audiences.

4. Free Online Gambling Games

A quick visit to any of the top online casinos and other major gambling websites and you’ll see several free offerings, mainly for new players but also to draw in millennials who have come to expect these kinds of promotional tricks from top websites.

It’s actually possible to get paid without having wagered anything online, and audiences are certainly getting lured into the world of gambling by that simple idea that you can play a game for free and make real money out of it.

That being said, free games do sometimes come with limitations; for instance, you may be required to transfer real money into your account before certain bonuses are released, or perhaps you may be required to play and win a number of games to get real money.

The most common trick is to have the free money transferred to your account to be used on other games, in which case you won’t be able to transfer funds until you win other games.

5. Blockchain

Blockchain in Gambling

Cryptocurrency is already widely used in gambling websites, but the use of Blockchain for online casinos may help push the industry to a new era with an increase in security and transparency.

For the longest time, players only had the option to transfer money into their player accounts using credit and direct bank wires, but this has led to major concerns over security and privacy.

For a while, e-Wallets were a solution for the more discreet players, but even those have their problems. Blockchain is seen as the ultimate solution for security and anonymity. It also enables faster transactions, higher withdrawal and deposit limits, and it creates an open ledger that cannot be tampered with.

6. Artificial Intelligence

AI is an area that is currently being studied for varied uses, including in the gaming industry, where deep learning could help produce gaming software that exceeds anything that we have on the market today; and could potentially cater to individual needs as well.

The technology is mostly on trial basis at the moment, but hopefully in the next few years we can have a combination of augmented reality coupled with machine learning to produce a gaming experience that appears more realistic and exciting than being in a traditional casino.

7. Security

All the talk of security in the gaming industry currently focuses on blockchain and quantum cryptography, which, in theory, will protect IT services from being penetrated.

Quantum cryptography can help protect online casinos from being hacked, but it can also protect user data, such as the different transactions performed by players on the gaming platforms. These types of technologies may help enhance the user’s experience in some way, while also promoting the services as safe and secure.

The gaming industry is experiencing massive growth at the moment, and while this is good news for the companies involved, it can also raise new concerns over security because the expansion introduces new areas of vulnerability.

However, by leveraging new technologies, online gambling can become the most secure industry online, and all this can happen within a few years.

Stay tuned to learn more about online tech trends in the worlds of gaming and gambling.

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