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Case Study – Etherscan Creates Custom Ad Monetization Solutions Through Coinzilla

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Head of Marketing

Last updated August 5, 2020

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About Etherscan

Etherscan is a block explorer, search, API and analytics platform for Ethereum which allows users to explore and search the blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices, and more.

The platform has a user base of over 5 million people, making monetization a great earning opportunity. But despite their large user base, Etherscan was focused on product development rather than monetization.

Finding a solution

In order to properly set up a banner delivery system, we first needed to closely inspect their website and determine what ad zones would be the most efficient.

After split testing several options, we concluded that a combination of banner ads and native ads would serve as a great monetization solution that also preserves a non-intrusive user experience. 

The insertion of banner ads paired with programmatic native ads created global competition for their spots from a large network of advertisers. This ultimately enabled us to deliver highly-targeted ads, resulting in higher earnings for Etherscan, better results for advertisers, and an optimal experience for users.

Besides the programmatic system, our dedicated sales team consistently prospects the market for new advertisers that want to deliver their ads through Etherscan, maintaining a consistent growth in their revenue profile.


Following the implementation, we observed a massive boost in Etherscan’s monetization results, with the earnings growing more than 10 times compared to the initial results.

etherscan monetization through coinzilla results

By constantly monitoring their website’s performance we ensured that the user experience remained intact and that the ads delivered were being relevant and generated results for both Etherscan and the advertisers.