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Exclusive Partnership with TheCryptoApp and Mycelium

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Last updated July 23, 2020

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We’re excited to announce that we just signed an exclusive partnership with 2 of the most popular crypto apps on the market, Mycelium & TheCryptoApp.

Starting today you can set up your native ads and reach thousands of crypto users directly on their mobile devices.

The Crypto App Native Ads

Reach new users through in-post ads, in-app banners, and push notifications via one of the best crypto tools worldwide.

TheCryptoApp is a crypto & finance app that helps you keep track of all cryptocurrency prices in a single place so you can stay on top of the market and trade crypto efficiently.

The app serves as a qualitative traffic source for crypto exchanges and finance projects, with most of its users being located in high-income countries. The native ads are placed in high-visibility yet non-intrusive spots, providing a smooth experience for users and a boost in results for advertisers.

the crypto app native banners
the crypto app push notification

All the in-app campaigns are set up programmatically from the Coinzilla dashboard, and they can be directed to a web page or an app.

Mycelium Deals

Get the best advertising deals with one of the most popular crypto wallet apps and put your brand in front of new mobile audiences.

Mycelium is a crypto wallet that allows you to send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, and numerous ERC-20 tokens with a few taps of your screen.

The app has a large user base of crypto enthusiasts, and the custom in-app advertising deals generate high results for both advertisers and publishers while preserving a non-intrusive user experience.

mycelium deals

Start advertising

If you’re interested in setting up a custom in-app advertising campaign, contact your account manager and start reaching thousands of crypto enthusiasts and business professionals.