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Introducing Coinzilla Marketplace | Your Press Release Distribution System

News & Announcements | Last updated March 1, 2019
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When we introduced Coinzilla 2.0 back in November 2018, we hinted at upcoming changes and products.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the Coinzilla Marketplace.

Blockonomi, CryptoCompare, EthereumWorldNews, CCN…

At the moment, we work with 29 publishers that are ready to distribute your press release, including:

  • Blockonomi
  • CryptoCompare
  • EthereumWorldNews
  • CCN
  • NullTX
  • CoinSpeaker
  • JournalduCoin
  • CoinCodex

By collaborating with both global and local publications, we can provide both niched and broad distribution for your content, helping you reach your targeted audience more efficiently.

Our publishers also range in terms of categories, with exchanges, gambling-themed websites, and even eSports themed websites being available in our platform.

Know all you need about a publisher

Every publisher listed in our Marketplace comes listed with various specifications & advantages, such as Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), availability of Google News features, and link types.

This will allow you to create a customized PR plan based on your business goals.

SIDENOTE. Some websites will provide you with an Estimated Delivery Time, helping you get a better idea of when your press release will be published. However, keep in mind that the duration is estimated, so make sure you plan around it.

Content creation & delivery

Our team will create unique press releases for your business, reducing their total writing time by more than 50%.

You will be able to review the posts and make sure they live up to your business standards before we start distributing them to the publishers of your choice.

Once you’re ready to go, our team will get in touch with the publishers of your choice, deliver your unique press release, and monitor the whole process to make sure that everything gets done in time.

Our transaction system will protect both the buyer and the seller, refunding the full investment to an advertiser if the publisher doesn’t publish the press release that he has received.

After the publication of your press release, you will receive a proof of delivery from our PR team.

P.S. For maximum efficiency, we suggest using UTM parameters to track the performance and traffic you receive from a press release via Google Analytics.

But enough talking.

Go ahead and start working on that awesome PR campaign that you’ve been planning for months.