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Coinzilla Marketplace Offers Explained

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Marketing Specialist

Last updated May 18, 2022

Coinzilla Marketplace is the ideal tool when you need to increase your brand’s online presence within the cryptocurrency community.

With it, you can deliver extensive information in the form of articles, banners, and many other options on various crypto niche websites and social media communities that will boost your marketing message’s impact.

Without further ado, let’s see the offers you can find on the Coinzilla Marketplace and how they work.

Press Releases

A Press Release is a type of news article that you can use to announce an event related to your company. It can be about launching a new product, a contest, a promotion, or even expanding your service portfolio.   

This type of article is relatively short (400-600 words) and usually follows the inverted pyramid structure, consisting of:  

  1. Lead/Hook (The essence of the news)  
  1. Nut Graph (Who, what, when, where, why)  
  1. Body (Details about the news, advantages, commercial offer, arguments why the reader should join/buy/participate)  
  1. End (General background info about the team/project/company; contact details)  

Of course, the structure will be adapted depending on the situation and the article will be structured so that it fits the advertising needs.  

Once posted, the article will appear, depending on the publisher you choose, in the PR section or the news section.

Sponsored Articles 

Sponsored Articles are used to provide an in-depth explanation about how your product works and are usually accompanied by a sales proposal. In contrast with the PR, you do not need a newsworthy reason to write and publish a sponsored article. 

Usually, this type of article has around 500-800 words and presents information in the following order:  

  1. Intro  
  1. Details about the Company  
  1. Details about the product and how it works  
  1. Benefits and advantages (here is where you can add in a promotion)  
  1. Conclusion and call to action  

In most cases, the sponsored article will be accompanied by a sponsored tag. Other than that, most publishers will list the article normally in their feed.

Organic Articles

The Organic Article requires a more complex strategy as you cannot speak directly of a product. It requires more effort as you attempt to educate the audience on a certain topic related to your industry.  

The goal is to position your brand as an authority in your industry and emphasize information value, not a product. As for promoting a product, you may add in an organic, contextual, and casual mention somewhere in the middle.  

Of course, you can structure the article so that you pick a subject where the audience is facing particular pain points and casually mention your product and brand as a solution without going into further details.  

At first, the organic article may seem restrictive. However, you must take into consideration that this type of article gets the most organic readers.  

Usually, this type of article is around 600-1,000 words long and presents information as follows:  

  1. Intro  
  1. Details about the subject and statistics  
  1. Problems and pain points the industry faces (if it’s the case)  
  1. What’s needed for the situation to improve/where is the industry heading/How it can be solved/What’s expected in the future (here is where you can add in a mention)  
  1. Conclusion  

Although an organic article should be a little bit longer, it has to be written with the reader in mind. In other words, don’t make it longer than needed for the sake of length.

Advertising Category

The Advertising category refers to several custom deals we offer through our unique partnerships with various mobile app and cryptocurrency data providers.  

Right now, you can find:  

  • push notifications
Coinzilla Marketplace push notification coinsdata
  • ad listings
coinzilla ad listings
  • promoted slots
coinzilla promoted slots

This listings category lets you showcase your brand in front of cryptocurrency community members that prefer advanced tools to gather specific data from the market. 

Video Advertising Category 

The Video Advertising Category refers mainly to YouTube video reviews. Through the Coinzilla Marketplace, you can opt to order reviews from several YouTubers that focus primarily on providing video content about cryptocurrency, personal finance, and investment opportunities.  

After acquiring the offer, the YouTuber will request a few details on your project, research further, and create a video review that explains your business and how your product works. Then, once the video is ready, you will receive a video preview link for approval. After your review and approval, the publisher will upload it on the preferred date.

Social Media Posts  

The Social Media Post is a type of listing that allows you to get publishers with significant Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, and other platforms’ communities to write information about your brand and product on their feeds.   

By accessing their communities, you can get the social media crypto community excited and create buzz around your project. This way, you do not only spread the news but potentially expand your own social media audience. 


The Buttons allow you to introduce graphic elements with CTA-s that drive traffic to your landing pages. They are not just banner ads but actual buttons that appear on our partners’ websites or mobile apps.  

coinzilla buttons

Although they may seem simple, they have the potential to integrate really well with the platforms they show on and drive more action organically. 

Banner Ads 

The Banner Ads allow you to buy inventory directly on a specific website. This offers category is the perfect solution when you want to show your ad only on one website instead of buying from a network of websites.   

The inventory slot is bought for one month; therefore, your ad will always appear on the dedicated slot on the publisher’s website for one month. However, they are pricier than ads placed on a network. Of course, you can choose an exclusive slot where only your ad appears or get an offer that rotates banners. 

coinzilla marketplace banner ads

Between the available positions and formats, you will find:  

  • Header Banner Ad  
  • Sidebar Banner Ad  
  • SiteSkin Ad  
  • Leaderboard Banner Ad  
  • Homepage Banner Ad 


You can use the Newsletters Listings to contract publishers on sending an email campaign to their subscriber list in which they talk about your brand and product.  

Nowadays, some marketing newbies think that email marketing is dead. Yet, it is the cheapest and most rewarding marketing channel, but only if you build up a massive audience.  

Therefore, by paying for a newsletter, you get to have a campaign sent in your name to an already built cryptocurrency email subscriber list.  

Our publishers have audiences ranging from 15k to 770k subscribers with a 15-20% open rate. 

Text Ads  

The Text Ads Category refers to showcasing a marketing text in a visible location, primarily on cryptocurrency data provider platforms.   

Their main advantage is that they adapt the aesthetics of the website you display them on and that you can choose the specific publisher. Yet, like the banner ads category, you can choose an ad inventory for the entire month or an impressions-based offer.

Coinzilla Marketplace text ads ethscan

Between the available options, you will find: 

  • Text Ad 
  • Header Text Ad 
  • Native ad