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Coinzilla Delivers +1B Impressions/Month

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Last updated September 30, 2021

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According to Worldometer, we’re now almost 8 Billion people on the planet. 

We’re not here to brag, but the Coinzilla advertising network can now offer over one billion impressions a month, covering 160 countries around the world. And the numbers are still going up.

The continuously expanding crypto niche has seen enormous growth in 2021. And with all the projects in need of advertising, we naturally had to keep up with the market’s needs.

We’re all about growth, and we want to see our advertisers flourish. So we always make sure the advertising platform we offer grows as well.

Coinzilla’s worldwide reach

Since November 2016, we have put in a lot of effort to give our advertisers the best exposure in the cryptocurrency niche.

In 2021 we can proudly state that all cryptocurrency projects can find in Coinzilla a platform that allows them to reach an audience as broad as possible.

How broad? We’re talking about a tremendous number of crypto enthusiasts in 160 countries reached through more than 600 reputable websites.

And from the +1B impression/month, the most relevant sources are from countries where the interest in cryptocurrency is rather high. 

To give you a better idea, the top 5 countries bringing us 182 million impressions a month are some of the most crypto savvy regions:

  • Turkey – 48M impressions/month
  • US – 46M impressions/month
  • India – 31M impressions/month
  • Russia – 29M impressions/month
  • Vietnam – 28M impressions/month
Coinzilla top country impressions

The advertising capabilities you get

Coinzilla is all about trust. Since 2016 more than 600 advertisers have trusted us to help them promote their projects, launching over 16,000 campaigns.

All these campaigns have tested our advertising capabilities repeatedly and helped us find the best ways to deploy ads in the digital realm.

Therefore, we continuously updated the interface and our tracking capabilities. 

To ensure that our advertisers have everything they need to optimize their ad spend for a better ROAS, we even launched a dedicated API & Performance System. And now, our tracking system can offer an in-depth overview of how ads perform.

Speaking of ads, we specialized and polished our ad formats around the display banners that proved to be the most optimal.

So now, you can choose between an array of banner display ads, native ads, and pop-unders that you can use for brand awareness or premium traffic.

And if your company doesn’t have a design department at its disposal, that’s not a problem. We can assist you with that, aside from the consultancy our dedicated account managers will offer.

Additionally, with Coinzilla you can reach out to dozens of websites to have guest posts published about you. And don’t worry, we can help you with the article as well. 

Everything we provide, we strive to improve, and at this point, it seems we’re doing a pretty good job. 

But at the end of the day, we’re here for you and because of you. So, to all of our clients, thank you for trusting us with your advertising campaigns.