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Last updated November 10, 2018

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There’s no easy way to put it – our old dashboard was obsolete.

That is why, together with the release of our new platform, we’re happy to present a complete revamp of the dashboard, with a brand-new stylish design and new features devised to improve your experience and make you more efficient.

Account Overview

coinzilla account dashboard

The account overview tab was designed to help you quickly get some info about your campaigns, such as its performance, impressions, clicks, and spendings for the day.


In the campaign tab you will be able to manage your existing campaigns or design new ones, and submit them for approval to our advertising team.

After setting up the URL to your campaign, you will be able to add UTM parameters for a better tracking, such as ID, Domain Name, and Banner Size.

coinzilla campaign creation fields

SIDENOTE. If you want to go deeper into campaign customization, you can use the advanced settings to customize your Pricing Settings, Audience Targeting, and the location of the website on which your ads will get displayed.


The website section allows you to submit one or more websites for verification and become part of Coinzilla’s Publisher Network.

If approved, you will be able to start displaying banners on your website and earn money which you can withdraw or further invest in advertising your project.


Once your campaign goes live, this is where you’ll access your statistics from.

This tab allows you to generate reports for your campaign, observe metrics such as Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, eCPM, and make informed decisions about your campaign based on its performance.


The billing tab was designed to help you better manage your transactions while helping you keep a record of all your investments or earnings. You will be able to deposit or withdraw funds via several options, as well as check your billing history and download invoices.

But these are just some of the features that we have planned over the years. In the upcoming months, we are going to work together with our customers and constantly adapt our dashboard’s features to suit all your needs.

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