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Anniversary NFTs are out for the taking

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Last updated November 5, 2021

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On November 9th Coinzilla turns 5, and to celebrate that, we’ve decided to reward our community of advertisers and publishers with our lucky anniversary NFTs.

All you have to do is advertise with us or be a part of our crypto publishers network. 

What we have prepared 

Coinzilla Anniversary

2021 is a special year not just for Coinzilla but for the whole cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin keeps touching new all-time highs, lots of altcoins see exponential growth, and more and more crypto-related products and services are coming out to make blockchain technology more user-friendly. 

Besides all that, the NFT economy is exceeding everyone’s expectations. 

For some, Non-Fungible Tokens are just drawings on Ethereum’s blockchain. But for others, NFTs represent unique pieces of expressivity worth keeping and trading. 

And in some environments, these types of tokens even have some essential use. 

But as the NFT niche evolves, we will see new use cases for them in decentralized environments to mark the uniqueness of items. 

At Coinzilla, we recognize the potential of NFTs and the transformation they can bring to the cryptocurrency world. So, to celebrate our 5th anniversary, we’ve decided to mint our own non-fungible tokens and award them to our advertisers and publishers. 

If we had minted thousands of NFTs, they would have lost their uniqueness and purpose. Therefore, we decided only to create a collection of 10 NFTs that you can view here

Five NFTs will be available for the advertisers, and five NFTs will be available for the publishers

And to ensure their uniqueness, the 5-years anniversary NFTs will only be minted once and given to five advertisers and five publishers only. 

The owners will be free to keep them and wait for their value to rise or trade them as soon as they wish. 

Win an NFT by… 

Win an NFT

The rules to win one of our anniversary NFTs are simple. You only have to be an active advertiser or publisher in Coinzilla’s network, and you’ll automatically enter the competition. 

The campaign will start on November 9th and will end on November 19th

What does “active advertiser” mean? 

To win one of the five anniversary NFTs dedicated to advertisers, you have to be an active advertiser. When we say that you have to be an active advertiser, we mean that you need to be running ads campaigns on the Coinzilla Ad Network and/or order from the Coinzilla Marketplace

Either way, between November 9th and 19th, you have to register a minimum spend of EUR 100 to be eligible for winning one of the NFTs.  

If you do not have an account, you can simply create a new one. And If you spend at least EUR 100 in the designated period, you’ll be just as eligible. 

What does “active publisher” mean? 

As a publisher, you can win one of the dedicated five anniversary NFTs by being an active publisher in our network. 

To be eligible, you’ll have to be the owner of a cryptocurrency-related website or application that is showing ads for our advertising network or is offering deals within the Coinzilla Marketplace. 

If you already are a confirmed publisher within our network, then congratulations. You’re already eligible for an NFT.  

If you’re looking to become a publisher, you have to sign up as one and get confirmation from our publisher manager. If you manage to do that between November 9th and November 19th, you’ll be eligible to win a publishers’ NFT. 

We’ll announce the winners on November 22nd 

NFT announcement date

As mentioned before, November 19th is the last day you can become eligible for one of Coinzilla’s anniversary NFTs.   

Afterward, we will take two days to count the number of eligible advertisers and publishers and extract the winner.  

How will we do that?   

Well, certainly not by cherry-picking. We’ll make use of the software system behind the Coinzilla advertising network, and filter the user IDs by the contest’s conditions. Then the algorithm will randomly extract five publishers and five advertisers that will be awarded our NFT.  

On November 22nd, we will announce the winners through our account managers and announce the results on our social media pages.

Stay tuned to find out more. 

Later Edit:

We’ve extracted our winners, and they will be contacted by our Account Managers for their prize.

However, we cannot make public the list of winners due to privacy concerns, as it contains personal information.

If you want to check how the NFTs look like, you can do that by visiting the following link: