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Introducing Coinzilla 2.0 – Anniversary Platform Update

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Last updated November 9, 2018

Back in 2016, we released Coinzilla for the finance & crypto industry. Since then, we worked with over 26,000 businesses and website owners on countless projects that helped the industry thrive. This gave us the chance to adapt our platform according to industry changes and the needs of our clients.

But now, it’s time to go bigger.

So today, we’re glad to introduce the new and improved Coinzilla platform.

What’s new?

A better dashboard experience
Manage your account faster and export your invoices for a better financial tracking.

Budget capping per campaign
Plan your budget in a more efficient manner and know in advance how much you will invest each month.

Advanced campaign creation and optimization
Target users based on country or device, and deliver your ads to your segmented audience.

Native Ads
Target your audience without disrupting their user experience via native ads.

Deposit/Withdraw via Bank Transfer
Easily transfer money via SEPA & SWIFT.

Improved security
One of the main security features introduced is a Google 2FA.

API for campaign creation, editing, and statistics
Integrate our platform’s tools on your website via API.

Coinzilla Academy
Strengthen your knowledge about the crypto industry via our learning solution.

A better dashboard experience

coinzilla new dashboard

When logging into your Coinzilla account, the first thing you’ll notice is your new dashboard. We designed the new interface to help you have an easier time navigating it at a faster speed. We also introduced a new feature that allows you to download invoices, as well as a “delete account” function.

Budget capping per campaign

coinzilla budget capping

Now it’s even easier to keep your costs under control.

By setting a cap on your daily spendings, you can better plan your budgets without having to constantly track your campaigns.

The minimum budget cap that you can set is €100. Once you reached it, we will stop displaying your ads, resuming them on the following day.

Advanced campaign creation and optimization

coinzilla campaign creation tool

We introduced several new functions to make the campaign creation and optimization processes more efficient than ever.

From now on, you will be able to target your audience based on country and device. Moreso, you will be able to include or exclude websites to your publisher list for a more targeted banner delivery. Another exciting feature that we introduced is user delivery capping. This will allow you to set a maximum number of times a user can see your banner, and thus reach as many people as possible.

Native Ads

coinzilla native ads

Native advertising has been used by leading media companies throughout various platforms for a while now. And it’s time we integrated it as well. Starting today, you will be able to display ads that model the design of a landing page. This will help get rid of the impact that an ad can have on a user’s experience.

Deposit/Withdraw via Bank Transfer

bank transfer with coinzilla

Because we want to give you more control over your funds, you will now be able to easily deposit or withdraw money from your Coinzilla account via SWIFT or SEPA.

Meaning, you will now be able to easily make payments from inside the EU as well as internationally.

Improved security

coinzilla security

Security is one of our top priorities. That’s why we implemented a two-factor authentication via Google’s Data Security System. This will also allow you to access your Coinzilla account from various devices.

Your new dashboard will also allow you to see your log-in log, where you’ll be able to notice any kind of suspicious activity.

API Campaign creation, editing, and statistics

coinzilla campaign creation api

Probably the most important feature to large advertisers and agencies is the API integration of our platform. This will let you connect our tools directly to your website so your clients will manage their campaigns without having to leave your website.

Coinzilla Academy

coinzilla academy

The feature that we’re most excited about is our Academy program.

We created Coinzilla Academy in order to help you deepen your knowledge about the crypto & finance industry. This is where we will hopefully teach you how to create and optimize your campaigns, how to design your ads, and more.

What’s next?

Coinzilla is a project that’s in a continuous state of development, and this is only the first of many major updates that we have planned.

But this is a story for another time.

Now go out there and check out all the features of our new platform.

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