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New advantage for Publishers: We’re automating payouts

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Last updated March 29, 2022

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The future is automated. Therefore, we strive to implement new automated processes that will improve our users’ experience overall.

Because at Coinzilla, we’re doing our best to make our publishers’ life easier, we’ve developed a new, improved payouts infrastructure that is replacing the old Withdraw Funds capability.

What do automated payments mean for publishers?

Starting with May 1st, 2022, publishers registered within the Coinzilla ad network can get payments automatically on a weekly or monthly basis.

The old “Withdraw Funds” button will disappear, and the websites’ owners won’t have to access the dashboard every time they want to get their payments.

Withdraw Funds

The manual withdrawals are disabled, yet the CPM model remains as reliable as ever. Therefore, the balance will accumulate as usual, but the earned funds will be paid out to the publishers automatically.

Of course, the publishers get to choose if they want their funds to reach their bank account weekly or monthly. And besides cutting the manual process, another advantage the users get from this change is the elimination of delays due to manual approvals.

More reliable and secure

To avoid issues and errors, we have deleted every bit of data regarding existing payment data from the old framework. And to assure you that the new auto-billing system works appropriately, we invite our publishers to introduce their current payment details.

Identification details

SIDENOTE. When we mention payment details, we refer to bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, card numbers, and any other banking details a user might have used to cash out.

Withdraw Options

Once they register the payment details in the new system and select the payouts interval, the payments will come continuously as the balance accumulates, without needing any other action.

And to make it easier to keep track of earnings, the publishers will receive an invoice every Monday (for weekly payments) or every 1st day of the month (for monthly payments) stating the amount to be transferred.

The payouts will be sent the next day, and the publishers will also be emailed a payment confirmation.

For more information about the automatic payments, please contact your account manager.