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Coinzilla API & Performance System

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Last updated July 28, 2021

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In order to enhance campaign tracking with Coinzilla, we have developed a dedicated API & Performance System that will help you monitor your advertising efforts.

In the short version, the Coinzilla API is meant to provide you with better statistics about your campaign, while the performance system will help you track goals more accurately.

Coinzilla API

Coinzilla API

The main goal of the Coinzilla API is to help advertisers better extract data and statistics about their campaigns, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding campaign optimization.

The API provides 5 primary methods of grouping your campaign statistics:

  1. By date;
  2. By country;
  3. By browser;
  4. By operating system;
  5. By ad zone.

You can request statistics for all your campaigns or for individual campaigns through the unique campaign ID.

By requesting campaign statistics through the Coinzilla API, you will gain access to data such as:

  • Impressions;
  • Amount spent;
  • Clicks;
  • Estimated CPM.

Besides the campaign statistics, the API is also able to provide website statistics grouped by: 

  1. By date;
  2. By country;
  3. By browser;
  4. By operating system.

To receive access to the Coinzilla API, you will need to contact your personal account manager or one of our support team members. To do this, you will first need a Coinzilla account, which you can sign up for here.

Once you receive your access and secret keys, you can start integrating the API according to our documentation.

Performance System

Coinzilla Performance System

The campaign and websites statistics provided through the Coinzilla API will create a clear image of how your campaigns are running.

However, together with the API, we’re offering a Performance System meant to helps advertisers track their website conversions directly on the Coinzilla platform.

The performance system will allow you to track registrations and sales goals and determine the best traffic sources, thus helping you optimize your ad delivery for maximum results.

There are 2 implementation methods for the Performance System. The first method is through a JavaScript Plugin and the second method is through S2S postback tracking.

The JavaScript plugin

For the JavaScript Plugin, to successfully integrate your goals into Coinzilla, you need to use UTM parameters in the URL of your campaign, as follows:

  • utm_source=coinzilla
  • utm_campaign=CAMPAIGN_ID
  • utm_term=ZONE_ID

Your link should look like this:{campaign}&utm_term={zone}

Next, on the landing page where you want your visitors to arrive, you have to add the following JS code:

<script src=”” async></script>
window.coinzilla_performance = window.coinzilla_performance || [];

Afterward, on the conversion page, you’ll need to add one more javascript code to assure that the goals are tracked exactly as they should:

<script src=”” async></script>
window.coinzilla_performance = window.coinzilla_performance || [];

If you’re wondering where to paste the snippets, you can add them either anywhere in the HTML <head> section or on the bottom of your HTML <body> section.

S2S Postback Tracking

S2S postback tracking or server-to-server postback tracking is a more complex but more reliable way of tracking information about the user and his activity. This method makes use of ID values via HTTP requests that are used for tracking.

In order to implement the performance system through this method, you’ll need to make sure that your server is able to receive the following parameters>

  • {campaign} 
  • {zone} 
  • {uhash}

Afterward, set your server to pingback our S2S endpoint with the values of the initially set variables as follows:{campaign}&z={zone}&uhash={uhash}&e=EVENT

You can find the full documentation for implementing the Coinzilla Performance System here.

Also, if you need any assistance in implementing the API or the Performance system, contact our team.